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I am not going to lie…I love how this came out. It is super cute and fun. I cannot stop looking at my hands! The stamping could be better but this afternoon I could not even fill out a simple UPS DHL slip without my fingers getting stuck and painful. My hands went past shaky right to pulsating so I expected the worst when I lift the stamper. It smeared the base but I was totally okay with that today! (The top coat masked the flaw! Yay!)

I hope you like my GOT manicure this week. Since my Nails Inc. glitter has blue and pink glitter I went with a gender symbol design. When I flipped through my stamping plates I knew it was perfect with the other colors!


DSCF0539_fotorI used 3 coats of Nails Inc. Sprinkles Sweets Way (thumb, index, pinky) and 2 coats of Milani Peacock (ring) and Zoya Reece (middle) as my bases. To bring the blue creme and pink shimmer together I added a generous coat of Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Candy Drops and 1 coat of INM Holographic Top Coat – Silver.

I stamped with butter London Cotton Buds and Bundle Monster plate BM 310. The butter London polish became so thick after a few uses I could no longer stand it as a base. I reserved the remainder for stamping and it worked really well!

I sealed everything with 2 coats of Seche Vite because the glitter ate the first coat!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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